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When you rent Guadeloupe cars it can be a little bit confusing. As a matter of fact there are a large number of companies, located at the airport or locally around that will bring you your car at the airport, but prices and Quality varies a lot from one to an other. in case of doubt we recommend our partners.
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Rent a car in Guadeloupe via Rentacar
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Rent Guadeloupe car via Europcar


From Residences Guadeloupe your car will help you making numerous attractive visits

Sainte Rose :
Sainte-Rose name came from Sainte Rose from Lima and becamr a town novembre 26th, 1790. Located in north part of Basse-Terre island, Sainte-Rose was in the 18th century divided in sections  defined by sugar plantations era.  Sugar cane fields  had therefore replaced tobacco  and cotton plantations.Musée du rhum
Up today Sainte-Rose is still a sugar cane  plantation area with Rum production and distilleries in the city prove it. The town is also a meeting point for hiking . As a mater of fact numerous hiking traces start from the upper Sainte-Rose. They allow you discovering part of the tropical rain forest. In addition sulfurous water of Sofaia in upper Ste Rose , are well known and recognized for their relaxant qualities enjoying visitors.
Discover also this charming town trough distilleries and museums. The Rum Museum,  hiking tour, visit in the grand Cul-de-sac  to discover mangrove, corals, snorkeling.

In Ste Rose, the fisherman corner
In Ste Rose, the fisherman corner

By Foot From Residences Guadeloupe :
Hiking on Sainte Rose sea front, between Amandiers beach and Cluny beach.

Cluny Sainte Rose
Plage de Cluny

This hike will surprise you by the large diversity of landscape, linked to variety of flora but also to whether variation upon seasons. You will see remarkable trees , shapes by the wind, as witnesses of the wind strength continuously blowing  in this exposed area  between  pointes Allègre and Petit Fort.

Pointe Allègre à 500m
Pointe Allègre at 500m

at Pointe Allègre and Anse du Petit Fort, The sea can some time change colours, with some time crystal turquoise waters with extraordinary light gradations , When the sky is blue or dark in a stormy weather. Along this hiking, you will cross humid areas, ponds, river mouths, all facilitating bird observation.

Vue Mer Tête à l'anglais

Botanic Garden at 12kmMaison de Coluche du Jardin Botanique

The Botanic Garden of Deshaies is located on a 700000 Sq-feet property, owned by  Coluche a late French well known humorist. He bought this property in 1979.

Thanks to the late landlord, for rare spices of plants and flora introduced in this botanic garden. Unfortunately, a large part of this rare bio diversity disappeared with Hugo hurricane en 1989.

Since, multiple spices of flora have been reintroduced in this magnificent luxurious garden full of rare plants.

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