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Villa booking for 8 or bungalow booking for 2 or for groups?

for villa booking or only to get information, call Pierre (use Int code out of France, dial +59 and full number below includin 0) or send an e-mail below, I will answer you quickly :

villa booking or bungalow booking et information
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for a villa booking or juste to get a cotation or information make sure you indicate: arrival and departure dates for us to calculate number of night, number of guests to best fit your needs and potentially propose different options. Thanks to mention in your message if there are children, babies ages… and all complementary information you feel necessary to communicate (flight number, need for a car, apick up, breakfast,…) for us to best fit your needs.

E.g. it is possible to fit 7 guests within 3 doubles bedrooms and an extra bed for a child or a baby bed. the price will be lighter than villa with bungalow (4 double bedrooms).

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